Health Screening (vision and hearing) will take place on Thursday, January 26th and Friday, January 27th. If your child wears glasses make sure they have them with them at screening. The screening schedule is as follows:

Thursday, January 26

Grade 1 Hearing and Vision

Grade 3 Hearing and Vision

  Friday, January 27

Grade 5 Hearing and Vision

Grade 8 Hearing and Vision

You will be notified after screening if additional follow-up is recommended. Screenings are not intended to be a substitute for well checks with your child’s primary provider. Height and weight checks are not included in this screening. If you have concerns regarding health screening or wish to decline any part of this service for your child, please contact Molly Kukuljan.

Parent volunteers are critical to the success of screening. If you would like to join this group of committed volunteers, please contact Susan Marshall at .  Volunteers are required to have current Virtus training and a signed code of conduct on file with the school. 

Make up screening will be on February 9th in the morning.

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