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He is Risen! Alleluia! Happy Easter Week!

It was a joy to see many of you this week, coming to pick up a famous PA lunch. About a thousand lunches were sold in our first three days of curbside pick-up–with many lunches being designated for charity. Some of you said it was just good to be able to be back at Providence, if only for a moment or two. I assure you we feel the same way. Mr. Wagner, our head custodian, commented that seeing some kids in cars tugged at his heartstrings. He said, “we’re not about a building; we’re about family.” That could not have been put better.

I have a few quick updates for you.

First, you are receiving today a communication from each division you have a child in. We wanted to respond to the excellent input that you and our older students gave in surveys last week. One point of particular interest was student assessment in this time of distance learning. This is very important to us, and important to do well for your family. Our Middle and Upper School faculties will be devoting a portion of this coming Wednesday to intensive training on distance assessment best practices. We will be benefiting from the experience of other high-performing independent schools. We expect also to bring a bit of our own PA creativity to bear. So while there will be scheduled learning taking place Wednesday in Middle and Upper Schools, teachers in those divisions will not be holding regularly scheduled live classes. Lower School classes will proceed as usual. Thank you again for your survey inputs. They are helping us to enhance our efforts to bring the best of PA into your homes.

You are also receiving today information about a new COVID-related fund being developed at PA. These are exceptional days. There are families who are experiencing direct economic and other impacts from responses to the pandemic. We want to make every effort we can to help assure that the current crisis does not adversely impact a family’s continuance at PA next year. There is much anxiety, and much is uncertain. The extent of new needs is of course unclear at this time, and there will always be limits to the art of the possible. That said, we’d like to work on making a pact to keep this community together and stronger than ever. And so, we will be developing the Providence Academy Covid Transition, or PACT, Fund. We will be designing a plan of limited available grants, for next year, for families demonstrating significant and temporary financial adversities due to the virus response. We are inviting participation in supporting the PACT Fund. We will be working diligently the remainder of this month on program details. As Mr. Wagner said, we’re about family at Providence Academy. Again, there will be limits to the art of the possible. But we must try our best. Thank you in advance for your support. I learned that our first contribution to the fund came this afternoon. It was $100 from a recent alumna. That, my friends, is the PA spirit!

And speaking of alumni: many are asking if they can get in on the Chef Morris lunches. The answer is yes! We are setting up a credit-card purchase option on our lunch page, and should be live with it next week!

And until next week, God bless you. God bless your families. Let us thank God for the truth of Easter. Christ has defeated not only sickness, sadness, frustration and anxiety. He has conquered death itself. And nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus.

We’ll see you again soon.

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