As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, we wanted to share this patriotic video tribute from our archive. This throwback video features Navy SEAL paratroopers highlighting our PA choir as they sing the National Anthem before the 2013 homecoming game.

We celebrate this great nation’s founding, mindful that the great experiment in ordered liberty depends for its success on forming and educating the young. As Saint John Paul II taught:

The continuing success of American democracy depends on the degree to which each new generation, native-born and immigrant, makes its own the moral truths on which the Founding Fathers staked the future of your Republic. Respect for religious conviction played no small part in the birth and early development of the United States. Thus John Dickinson, Chairman of the Committee for the Declaration of Independence, said in 1776: “Our liberties do not depend on parchments or seals, but come from the King of Kings and the Lord of all the earth.” Indeed it may be asked whether the American democratic experiment would have been possible, or how well it will succeed in the future, without a deeply rooted vision of divine Providence over the individual and over the fate of nations.

Blessings to you and your families this Independence Day and always,

Todd R. Flanders

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