It is hard to believe that our annual gala is only 12 weeks away. With that, we have had a wonderful response to the kickoff to our auction needs. Thanks to each of you who have already contributed, committed to, and turned in items for our grade-level themed auction baskets. There are many wonderful themes this year, and it is because of you that this is such a success! Please know that you can check SignUpGenius for your child’s grade-level theme for items in need, and you are also welcome to donate to other grades, if so inclined. The themed baskets will be a part of our silent auction section of the gala event.

There are additional areas of the auction that are crucial to this extraordinary fundraising event. Along with the baskets, we are seeking other donations to include in our silent auction as well as in our live auction. Last year, the silent and live auctions brought in over $86,000 (excluding the Fund-A-Need)! These funds went toward designated allocations which continued to enrich Providence Academy. This was possible through each of you, and we are thankful for the fruitfulness of your giving. Our goal is to raise over $100,000 from the auctions alone at the upcoming “Fire & Ice Gala.”

We hear the excitement that is coming in for the upcoming gala! Thank you to everyone who has asked questions, offered to help, donated, and expressed their excitement for what will be an extraordinary event for Providence Academy. With all the inquiries, we wanted to share with you a few common questions and answers and donation ideas:

Can we give in more than one area?
YES! Please know you can donate to one or more areas. This can be in the grade-level themed baskets, silent auction items, or live auction items.

Can we simply donate cash or gift cards to put towards the purchase of auction items to include?
YES! We are happy to take cash donations which will be used to fill a donation basket or gift cards that we can put into a basket bundle.

Where do I take my donated items?
Once you have your item for donation, please bring the item(s) to the Administration Office, which is located directly behind the security desk. Mrs. Kelly Roles will be happy to assist you. If your item is a grade-level themed item for the Lower School, know there are boxes outside of your child’s classroom where you may place the item(s). Please be sure to fill out a form to include with your donation.This helps us know who donated to ensure you receive your tax deduction and donation recognition.

Is the donation form important?
YES! To ensure accuracy in donor information and financial values in tax deductions, please ensure you have a donation form included with your donation. If this makes your eyes gloss over, we are happy to fill out the form for you and will contact you for pertinent information.

Can I simply email you what I would like to donate if it isn’t an actual item, such as an experience, or getaway for example?
YES! You can email the auction lead, Mrs. Jeannina Adams, at You can also email your donation intention and we will help get everything taken care of for you. Once we are in communication, we will help get all the forms completed.

What is the difference in the silent and live auction?
The silent auction takes place prior to the dinner where the live auction is scheduled. The silent auction is displayed during the registration and social hour when you can walk around, look at the displayed items, and bid until the bidding closes before the dinner. The silent auction also has a retail value of a bit less than the larger ticketed items. Many live auctions will include vacation getaways, unique experiences, premium parking, and other focal areas, while the silent auction will provide a wide array of items from boutique baskets, personal experience packages, and sports memorabilia to name a few.

Beyond the grade-level themed baskets, what other items is the auction committee asking for?
The auction committee is thankful for any and all contributions you are able to give, and know that there is a wide array of items/experiences that are available. We created a wish list of some ideas we have and note that we are also open to new ideas! If you have any questions at all, know that we are happy to answer them!

We invite you to review the list and know that this is another way to get involved and support the gala’s fundraising efforts. Every donation is tax-deductible.

Have questions? Contact us!

Auction item donations/questions?
Auction Lead: Mrs. Jeannina Adams: / (651) 895-2971

Questions about the overall event?
Gala Chair: Mrs. Jillian Twaddle: / (919) 830-7823

THANK YOU for being proactive in the success of the gala, we are excited for all that is to come!

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