Last week we saw an uptick in influenza like illnesses, especially in the Lower School. In Minnesota, schools report to the Department of Health when certain absence thresholds are met based on symptoms. Providence met that threshold last week.

Thank you for your continued efforts to minimize the spread of illness such as keeping students home for 24 hours after a fever without the use of fever reducing medicine, reminding your child to wash hands frequently, cover their cough and keep their hands away from their face.

The CDC has a helpful website with  general information about the flu and tips to distinguish between a common cold and the flu. When students have influenza, it’s not uncommon to be down for upward of five days.

To monitor the illnesses, we rely on your brief description of symptoms when you call the attendance line to report your student’s absence. We also appreciate being notified of strep, mono, influenza, and other communicable illnesses. If you are in doubt about sending your child to school, please refer to the illness guidelines.

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