PA submits final transcripts for graduating seniors to the college noted in Naviance Student under “College I am attending” (keep it updated!).  This happens automatically. You do not need to forward reminders or final transcript request forms that your college may send you. We aim to submit your final transcripts by the second week of June.

Seniors who completed ACC courses at any point in their PA career, and who will seek to transfer these credits to their college, are responsible for requesting transcripts from Benedictine College or University of Minnesota (as applicable).  Visit the Registrar websites at either college in order to get started. We recommend waiting until July to request your college transcript in order to ensure that any ACC work from senior year has been processed and is reflected on the transcript.  You should make this a part of your first conversations with your college academic advisor to be sure you are providing all the information needed for these credits to be considered.

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