What a wonderful Fall Fun Fair! The parent committee, chaired by Mrs. Jessie Bollig, did a wonderful job! Thanks to all of those that volunteered their time and talents to provide a great experience for the LS students and their families:

Lauren O’Neil- Concessions Lead
Amanda Falcone
Jamie Myrold
Heather Hosfield- Volunteers Lead
Holly Engstrom- Decorations Lead
Anne Jewison- Tickets Lead
Janelle Wilson- Games, Prizes, Grab Bags Lead
Mindy Daniels
Susan Pitt- Marketing Lead
Kate Stephens- Cakewalk Lead
Jill Budish- Crazy Hair Lead
Lindsey Steiner (Aunt of PA students)
Amy Richter- Raffle Lead
Nicole Wright
MS Student Volunteers
NHS US Students

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the event.  It was wonderful seeing the children having fun and making new friends at the “Great LS Get Together.”  We can’t wait for next year!

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