Our middle school will participate in standardized testing this week during each day but Wednesday. We will test for two periods of each school day at different times of the day, so please avoid scheduling appointments at those times whenever possible. Students who are absent during those days will have time to make up their missed exams the following week. 

Our testing times for the rest of the week are as follows:

  • Tuesday, November 2- 8:30-10:15 (Red and Orange periods)
  • Thursday, November 4- 11:40-1:25 (Light blue and Dark Blue periods)
  • Friday, November 5- 9:25-11:10 (Yellow and Green periods)

To help your child be ready for testing each day, help your child to get a full night’s rest and a good breakfast to prepare themselves for each testing day.  Students will not need to study or complete any advance preparation to be ready for standardized tests.

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