We invite all parents to join us for a discussion with a national author on Catholic higher education on Tuesday, October 17, at 2:25 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center.  Students will be attending this presentation lead by Dr. Michael Naughton, who recently co-authored an essay in a national Catholic journal about the mission and distinctive character of Catholic universities and the recent phenomenon, well understood by so many parents who have recently guided children through the college search, of Catholic institutions detaching themselves from their original foundations and religious beliefs in favor of other values that are secondary to the core of the Catholic tradition. Dr. Naughton will be joined by Catholic scholar Dr. John Boyle, and both will draw on their decades of experience teaching and advising students at Catholic colleges to help both students and parents better navigate the challenge of searching for a genuine Catholic university education, one that is both steeped in the same formation and worldview regarding faith and reason begun here at Providence Academy, and that at the same time offers an effective preparation for careers, whether in the arts and humanities, the sciences, or the professions.

Both Dr. Naughton and Dr. Boyle serve on the faculty at University of St. Thomas.  Dr. Naughton is Director of the Center for Catholic Studies and Dr. Boyle is a Professor of Catholic Studies and Theology.  Both will be available for questions after their talk.  Please join us!

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