First, our gratitude to Mrs. Paige Von Bank for her year of fine service to students and families in college and academic counseling. Mrs. Von Bank’s service to her advisees will transition smoothly to her successor, Mr. Andrew Wolf. Mr. Wolf has served most recently as a Twin Cities area Admissions Counselor for North Dakota State University.  His counseling philosophy, which has been shaped by excellent leadership in the NDSU Office of Admission, focuses on building sound relationships and providing prompt, honest, and thorough feedback to students. 
Upon learning of the position in college counseling at PA, he shared “I am excited by the prospect of working with students to identify what they are good at, what they like to do, and how they are being called to serve God and neighbor. I would also look forward to assisting students with planning their academic schedules, completing their college applications, and meeting with representatives from their schools of interest.” Mr. Wolf brings numerous gifts and talents to PA, having completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in Philosophy and having served as a mentor to undergraduate students as both a writing tutor and teaching assistant. Professionally, Mr. Wolf has also been an active member and participated in professional development activities through the Minnesota Association of College Admission Counseling (MACAC) as well as the Twin Cities Regional Admissions Representatives. 
Mr. Wolf, together with his wife (Hannah) and newborn son (Theodore), is ecstatic to be joining the PA community. He looks forward to meeting and working alongside all of the wonderful students and families of Providence Academy. He will start in the College Center in the latter part of July and will be a full part of the College Application Boot Camp Program in August. Additionally, Mr. Wolf will work with Upper School students previously assigned to Mrs. Von Bank.

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