Through four school weeks in January, Providence had one “active case” of COVID-19.  No student was quarantined as a “close contact.”  This experience, and the general downward case counts in the broader Twin Cities, encouraged us to return all divisions of the school to classrooms each period of each day.  We have the ability to pivot back to the “in-school hybrid” model in the Middle and Upper Schools if need be.  “Need” would likely be defined as a new significant rise in active cases triggering widespread close-contact quarantining.

At the beginning of this new week and new month, PA has two new “active” cases,” both in the same grade.

Many of us, perhaps, have been counting some blessings amid the challenges of COVID time.  It has been a blessing to be here as a community daily, living and learning as normally as possible.  It’s been a blessing to witness the fortitude of those in our community who have experienced the illness, and the generosity with which people are caring for each other.  I’m especially grateful for the blessing of many parents who have volunteered time to proctor students in our on-site hybrid spaces the past several weeks.  You exemplify servant leadership.  That’s a lesson itself for our kids, and a witness to us all.

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