Cases rose dramatically in Minnesota this past week, and here at PA, thanks to the more contagious Omicron variant. Again, what happens within these Yellow Walls tends to reflect what is happening everywhere outside them.

Reported symptoms here among students remain mild to moderate.  Some adults report a broader range of symptoms.  A number of reported cases continue to be “breakthrough.”  All community members who have had cases have recovered and returned to school after their quarantines. 

Attached are updated graphs by age groups of MDH data on testing, cases, and hospitalizations. Takeaways: cases are much higher in all age groups; ICU admissions among school-age children remain very low; non-ICU admissions were higher–”Not disclosed is how many of these admissions were for complications related to Covid, and how many were incidental positive tests of non-Covid patients” (analyst and grapher Dave Dixon).

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