Please review the Registration 2018-2019 MS Registration Presentation with your child. The dates listed in the Registration Calendar will be reiterated, as well as further explanation/instruction about what students and parents need to do to request courses for next year. To skip to the “meat” of the issue:

  • Students will register for classes in the computer lab the week of March 4 with Mrs. Semsch- therefore, you should review the Academic Program Guide (also attached) and be ready with anticipated course selections.
  • Parents will have a chance to review course selections and make any changes online beginning March 7- March 12 (at 8:30 A.M.)
  • Honors courses: the only honors courses offered in Middle School are math. Those interested should follow the instructions e-mailed by Mr. Tiffany. This pertains to current 6th & 7th graders only, as the current 5th graders’ math placement process is described in the 2018-2019 MS Registration Presentation.
  • All questions about registration should be e-mailed to Mrs. Semsch at

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