As we celebrate our 20th anniversary of lunch with Chef Morris, we will return to school with our full traditional offerings.  These will once again include homemade soups and the fresh salad and fruit bar with the “main line” lunch that is available to all grades.  

We feel it important that the quality of ingredients and offerings served at PA sustain the same extraordinary level our community has always known.  Please note that this commitment is necessitating price changes at the beginning of this year, much as we are all seeing at grocery stores and restaurants.  Our standard beverage fee will increase 25 cents a day (or $35 for the year to be added to billing), and our “main line” lunch offering will increase to $5.80 per day.

The price of our chef-prepared lunches has never been folded into overall tuition pricing, as happens at some much more expensive peer schools.  Taher, our food service company, runs the operation like a restaurant as its narrow margin is earned solely on volume and on what is sold.  (At what restaurant can you get anything like our lunch for under 6 bucks?!).  PA does not make money on lunch sales.  Prices of a-la-carte items will also change as needed to assure quality and availability.  We thank you for your understanding of the need for these changes.

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