Last month, our Athletic Director, Mr. Rick Johns, shared with me that he will retire at the end of June from a long and distinguished career. We knew that day would arrive soon, as he had said when he came aboard that his time horizon at PA would be limited. We are so very grateful to him for many accomplishments in three years of service We’ve been blessed by Mr. Johns’s experience, wisdom, good humor, and steady guiding hand in athletics developments. I am personally grateful for his outstanding commitment to PA’s programs, mission, colleagues and families.

I’d like to make an exciting, simultaneous announcement that Mr. Daren Messmore has accepted our offer to serve as PA’s new AD effective July 1. Well-known to the PA community as an Assistant AD, Mr. Messmore brings a wealth of experience in high school athletics administration and coaching, leadership of a hockey development center, and managerial experience at the Target Corporation and in other business endeavors. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education with a K-12 licensure, and a master’s in educational sports management form the University of Minnesota. Mr. Messmore is well positioned to join our leadership team and to continue to build great programs and experiences for our students and families. Welcome!

As Mr. Johns begins to prepare to hand over the reins, he wishes to share the following thought with our families:

“I am confident that the PA Athletics Department will continue to be a community committed to excellence in all that it does. Its work will continue to be informed and guided by Providence Academy’s mission, and its success can be traced to the good and important work that Providence Academy athletes and coaches do as well as the support received from the entire PA community. I would also like to thank you for caring about and believing in our programs and the people who participate in them during my tenure at Providence Academy.

“I’ve often said that change is difficult, yet necessary and I believe in the end change, done well, is rejuvenating and exciting. I personally look forward to this process for both me and for PA!

“With my sincere best regards and as always, Go Lions!

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