This week, we celebrate Catholic Schools Week. A number of events are planned for our Upper School students, all of which can be found here. One of the previously planned activities was our Service Day for our 10th-12th graders. Due to the weather forecast for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 29, of frigid cold and dangerous windchill temperatures, we will postpone Service Day to a later date.

The itinerary for Service Day requires students to travel on buses to many locations, loading and unloading several times, and possibly waiting or walking outside in the severe cold. For these reasons, we have decided to postpone the Service Day events and keep students here at school where they will be safer (and much warmer).

The ninth graders will keep their scheduled programming with Youth Frontiers, lunch provided will be provided, and all students are invited to dress as planned for the day with jeans and spirit wear. Students in grades 10-12 will attend classes and their regular school lunch will be available.

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