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Our new NET Team began their year of service at PA. As always, we are looking for host families to host the NET Team so if you are interested, please see the information below and let me know what dates you are interested in. Finally, the NET Team Welcome Week Schedule is available and I hope your student(s) are excited about the fun activities they can have with the NET Team during their first week here!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

God bless,
Richard Carrillo


Updated Email List
If know someone who would like to receive Campus Ministry updates or would like to be removed from the mailing list, please contact Mr. Carrillo directly at Richard.Carrillo@providenceacademy.org.


Introducing the 2016-2017 Providence NET Team
Marina Garcia (Team Leader)- Corpus Christi, TX, 22 years old
Kayley Barone- Columbus, OH, 18 years old
Lydia Brown- Cedar Rapids, IA, 18 years old
Lauren Kubelka- Destin, FL, 18 years old
Elisabeth Ortega- Berwyn, IL, 23 years old
Grant Mealer (Team Leader)- Hayden, AL, 28 years old
Nathan Francis- Detroit Lakes, MN- 19 years old
John-Joe Jackson- Glasgow, Scotland- 19 years old
John Walling- Plano, TX- 20 years old

Back row: Nathan Francis; Lauren Kubelka, Lydia Brown, Elisabeth Ortega, John-Joe Jackson
Front Row: Kayley Barone, Grant Mealer, Marina Garcia, John Walling


Host Families Needed
If you are interested in hosting the NET Team for a two week block, please contact Mr. Carrillo and let him know the following:

1. Which dates would you like to host?
2. How many NET Team Members would you be interested in hosting?
3. Do you prefer to host men or women or are you open to hosting either?

Below are the dates housing is needed:
October 30-November 14 – Housing needed for 2 women
November 14-23 – Housing needed for 2-6 women or 2-4 men (Shorter time due to the team leaving for Thanksgiving break)
November 27-December 15 – Housing needed for 2-5 women or 2-4 men (This is a longer stay due to the team’s Christmas break schedule)


Frequently Asked Questions about Hosting a NET Team 
If you have questions about what hosting NET Team Members is like (including what their schedule is, how do meals work, what do hosts need to provide, etc.) please check out the Host Family FAQ Section of the PA Website.

NET Team Welcome Week Schedule

With the arrival of the NET Team, there are plenty of opportunities for your students to get to know the new team. Here is what their schedule looks like next week:

Tuesday, 9/20
MS Only: NET MS Extravaganza – Fun and Games in the MS commons area after school.

Wednesday, 9/21
Praise and Worship in the Chapel from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Thursday, 9/22
Come sit in the stands and support your fellow students as the NET Team will be at all the home games after school

Friday, 9/23
Come to the first Adoration with Praise and Worship before school on Friday! Silent Adoration will continue through the end of the school day and will occur every Friday until the end of the school year.


Parents needed for Adoration 

Since the NET Team will still be in training sessions their first week here, we need parents to help cover the times in the chapel that the NET Team will be unavailable. Here are the times that we need coverage in the Chapel:

Adoration for Friday, September 23
9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m
10:30 a.m-11:30 a.m
11:30 a.m-12:30 p.m.

The NET Team will try to come in and out during their free time in between sessions, but they can’t be guaranteed to be there. After next week, we should be good to have them cover the rest of the Fridays. So if you can cover any of these time, please contact Mr. Carrillo.


CORE Team Sign Ups

Registration is open for juniors and seniors interested in joining the NET CORE Team. Sign up sheets are outside the NET Door and can be given to Mr. Carrillo.


PA Alumni Serving with NET
Two PA alumni from the class of 2016 are spending their year serving with NET.

Sophia Horinek is on a parish team and will be spending the year serving at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Naples, FL.
Anna Laughery is also on a parish team (along with Liam who served here last year), and will be spending the year serving at St. Marks Catholic Church in Plano, TX.

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