Current PA Ninth grade students Miss Kiernan Albertini, Miss Anika Austvold, Miss Lillian Haapoja, and Miss Danielle Kukuljan of Girl Scout Troop 16201 completed their Silver Award project by donating 6 benches to Providence Academy for use at our firepit. The purpose of this project is to improve communication without the use of texting or snapping. For more information about their interest in improving communication strategies, please see this video.

The benches have already been installed and will be available for use year-round. In the spirit of a “conversation around a campfire”, the girl scout troop will distribute s’mores grab-n-go bags on Wednesday, October 28. They will visit Lower School classrooms in the afternoon to drop off s’mores materials for students to take home with and also share more about their project. The girl scout troop will also distribute s’mores grab-n-go bags for Middle and Upper School students after school on the 28th. Any Middle and Upper School students are welcome to stop by to see their bench project and pick up s’mores materials.

Congratulations to Miss Albertini, Miss Austvold, Miss Haapoja, and Miss Kukuljan!

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