Orientations are starting today, and students are bringing their energy back to our halls!  It’s a very happy time.  The red carpet awaits all Wednesday morning.  Here are some key things to share as we all gather back together:

  • New right-turn-only exit being completed!  Possibly by the end of this week a new exit opens, from the southwest corner of the main parking lot.  This second exit will alleviate post-pick-up-and-drop-off departures.  In a perfect world, construction would be completed by Wednesday.   But we will need to ask for considerable patience during the first days of school.  For safety reasons as construction is finalized, west-bound Schmidt Lake Road has been reduced by a lane.  Movement into the parking lot should be fairly consistent, but likely backed up on Schmidt.

For instructions that pertain specifically to Lower School pick up and drop off, please see the Lower School section of the eBulletin.

  • The revised COVID Dashboard is up, linked from our website’s menu (the top menu above the main navigation).  COVID Policy information and FAQs are accessible from the Dashboard.  I would like to highlight two policy elements here: (1) While PA has made face coverings optional, we’ve added this additional point: “Should any family wish special face-covering mitigation for their children, KN95 masks are widely available and known to provide substantial personal protection against viruses.”  And (2) “If students are sick, they should be kept at home.” The delta variant shares some symptoms in common with seasonal “normal sickness” bugs such as colds and flus.  In a back-to-school time where there are heightened concerns, let us be extra courteous and cautious.
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