The “Advanced Placement” brand references a specific curriculum and set of content knowledge expectations developed by the College Board. A core tenet of Providence Academy’s educational philosophy is its independently designed curriculum that does not teach to any external test. Accordingly, PA chooses not to seek the College Board’s AP designation for any of its courses. Much of the AP curriculum is present within the content PA teaches in certain courses. PA offers appropriate AP exams where this is the case. These exams may require that students review material independently and, in some cases, learn additional material not present within PA’s course scope and sequence. When deciding whether to register for AP exams, students should consider their performance in PA courses and their capacity to take time outside of regular academic and extracurricular demands from February to May to prepare and sit for the exam.  In the first week of October 2023, Mrs. McMullin will offer students informational meetings about AP exam registration. PA has no formal application or approval process for AP exams, but students are required to attend one of the AP information sessions, or their registrations will not be processed. Please click here for more information about AP’s. 

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