I am delighted to announce some new developments in PA’s administration.  First, I’m thrilled about a brand new position, Assistant Director of the Lower School.  And I’m thrilled that that position will be held by Mrs. Danette Jaeger, veteran PA teacher, coordinator of the Kidventures program, and more.  Mrs. Jaeger will share a growing load of administrative responsibilities in the Lower School, and serve as an additional resource in academic support.

Next, I’m happy to announce that Mrs. Jenny Bruce is assuming a leadership role that also sports a new title, Dean of Admissions.  Mrs. Bruce will be in charge of admissions functions and enrollment matters, bringing a wealth of experience in marketing and sales.  We are just delighted.

Finally, Development Director Mr. Josh Anderson is now Director of Advancement.  In this new capacity, he will continue a current emphasis on development and also oversee development, marketing, and admissions departments–all of which are about advancing the Academy and its mission, and in all of which he brings considerable experience.

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