Below is a letter from Mr. “Dewey” Hibben:

To: All of my P.A. Family (Past  and Present),

Where would I begin to “THANK” everyone from P.A. for the “Great” surprise drive-by on my Birthday? Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought something like that could happen to me! I am so been humbled by all the Kindness and Love shown by the P.A. Families and Friend’s!

There was so many cars, alumni students, parents, Birthday banner’s and signs, shouts out of Birthday greeting’s etc.!  I so appreciated the card’s and balloons too!  Thank-You EVERYONE for making my 77th Birthday one that I will never forget! Ever!!

Many of my neighbors were stunned by all of the Love shown by the P.A. Families! It just shows what a GREAT place P.A. is!

My Love and Prayer’s to everyone! Thank-You with a heart full of joyous tear’s! Please stay safe and well!

Blessing’s Always,




In case you missed the Facebook post, which the letter is in response to …


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