Last week was a “Great Providence Get-Together,” complete with special events, spirits running high, and exciting home victories in volleyball, girls’ and boys’ soccer, and football. On Friday night, our gridiron Lions went to 6-0 before a crowd exceeding 1,500. The Star Tribune took notice:

“And perhaps the most impressive has been Providence Academy, which has defended its goal line with a ferocity worthy of its nickname. The Lions’ 18-0 victory over St. Paul Johnson on Friday was its fourth consecutive shutout and fifth in six games. A second-quarter touchdown by Academy Force (a cooperative of six small east-metro schools) in the second game of the season is the only blemish on Providence’s otherwise perfect defensive record.”

I wryly asked senior quarterback Max Anderson on Friday afternoon what that night’s final score would be. He pondered a moment and declared, “17 to nothing.” If you can guess that closely, your team is clearly well prepared!

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